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tattoo styles

In this section you will find the different tattoo styles you like. 

Black & Grey

Black & Grey tattoos are among the most recognized styles in the world of ink and their origin comes from the prison world of the 70s. Today it is a very popular style, and mostly tattoos with a great realism and many details made with black ink diluted with water, which gives rise to shiny gray tones.


Color tattoos are among people's favorite styles, as a colorful piece draws attention, and is brighter and more eye-catching than monochrome tattoos. This is why more and more pigments of different shades are appearing that allow to reach a great depth and make perfect gradients with the colors, as well as new techniques to take advantage of them.


Realism is a tattoo that seeks to represent an image (usually of people) as close to reality as possible, usually inspired by some photograph. It is common to use grayscale but there are also realistic color tattoos; it is a style that requires a great knowledge and experience of the world of tattooing, as well as patience to make them.


This is one of the most recognized tattoo styles, and was born in the mid-twentieth century in the United States. One of its main characteristics is that it has thick lines, a lot of North American patriotic symbolism, simple designs, a limited color palette, great color saturation and no use of shadows or gradients.


Surrealism impacted the art world almost a century ago, and today it is one of the most incredible and beautiful tattoo styles. Surrealism seeks to free the imagination, fusing organic and artificial forms, and can use various techniques to give the pieces a great artistic sense.

Black Work

While in Black & Grey the black ink is diluted, in Black Work they are tattoos in solid black ink to achieve a great contrast. This style of t